Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Finished Digital Painting

Here it is, folks! My first digital painting.

Corel Painter X

To be honest, I've never been crazy about digital work or the idea of creating my own. But after working on this piece and seeing what digital painting as a medium can bring to a piece, I have a new appreciation for it. There's so much that can be done digitally that can't be brought as gracefully to a traditional painting. For instance, multiple paper and canvas textures, charcoal texture over oil paint texture over watercolor; there's a whole world of mixed media that can be created and emulated in digital painting.

Personally, I think I still favor the confines of traditional media. Now, however, I'm much more open to working digitally in the future and I have a new appreciation of digital artists and what they endure to create a piece (hours in front of a computer - ew!). Still, I don't think I will ever get over working traditionally.

By the way - can anyone think of a name for my new monster?

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