Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I just finished the Hagar color study!! I'm happy with the result and psyched to start the final tomorrow! All this finished this evening with the wonderful company of The Riches on netflix :)
I'm adding a new technique to my process - finishing the piece by adding opaque acrylic white to my watercolor for the highlights. I've recently been inspired by Kadir Nelson's children's books, where he uses transparent darks and opaque lights in some of the most beautiful ways. So, here's my first try:

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Forward Motion! (Hagar Line Drawing)

Soooo, already a month of the semester is gone - holy cow.

I'm finalizing the sketches for my Ladies. Hagar is the only finished sketch that's pretty much ready to go to final - AFTER I complete my color study. Soooo, here it is:

As I type, the lovely Epson Stylus PHOTO R2880 is printing it on my watercolor paper - joy. of. joys! Transferring a line drawing onto the surface I'll be working on is hands down my LEAST favorite part of the process. I may stick to watercolors the rest of my life simply because I can run the paper through a printer. That way, I preserve my original drawing and don't lose anything by tracing it and then transferring it manually. I'm not a technology lover, but this simple advantage always gets me excited.

HOWEVER, I cannot take credit for the idea. My friend and fellow Illustrator and Craftmaker, Alison Berry, recommended I try it after she discovered the wonder of Epson. Please check out her blog!!
Her work is often hilarious, creepy, and drop-dead-adorable all at once! And her hand-made dolls are stellar - AND FOR SALE :) I've been lucky enough to be given a proto-type named Mr. Bean. I love him. Wish I had a picture to share. Anways, check her out :)

Until next time - make me some figgy pudding.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mary of Bethany

Another one of my Women of the Bible series, completed this past December.

Mary of Bethany, water color, 11"x17"