Thursday, April 28, 2011

TA-DA! My Thesis Show is hung and open to the public!

Opening night was a great sucess! Thank you to everyone who came and was a part of last night - it was wonderful and I was happy to speak to so many people interested in art. Everyone there made it a very warm, exciting, and memorable night for our entire class - Thank you!

Go to for information if you're interested in seeing the show. It features all the graduating seniors and the work that was produced this year is amazing!

I'm the happy awardee of the Philadelphia Watercolor Society Award! I'm so and grateful and honored to be recognized by a club that was founded in part by Thomas Anschutz and which has presented the likes of Howard Pyle, Violet Oakley, and Pablo Picasso to the Philadelphia Museum of Art's permanent collection. Please visit their website here:

All of my pieces are for sale through The Art Shop at Moore until May 15th.

Here's a pic of me in front of my wall - to the right are the original paintings framed, to the left are prints of the works as they'd appear in the context of a book layout - go see it (and my fellow illustration classmates' works) in person! ;)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Quick Update! - Salome

Here's a peek at one of the pieces for my senior show - it's just inches from being finished! Yay!

Salome, watercolor, 9"x12"

In two weeks I'll be hanging (my artwork, not myself...hopefully)! Frames will be ordered today :)